How it works

A couple of years ago I placed £50 on a 24/1 accumulator. I got lucky and won £1200.

Too many celebratory drinks with lots of friends (I didn’t realise how many I had until my wallet was that full), a new Playstation, and a new smartphone later, I still had a couple of hundred left in my betting account.

The next week my luck was nearly repeated. It was only a last minute goal against the run of play that ruined a 19/1 acca (and, of course, cost me £50).

I went three or four more weeks without a win but then a 28/1 came in (although I had only been able to afford to stake £10). A similar pattern repeated itself for a few months – there were some decent wins but it was never long before I was down to my last few quid.

Then I had an idea. I put £10 on a 4/9 favourite. The bet came in and returned my stake plus £4.44   . The next day I put the £14.44   on a 8/11 chance. That came in too. So I took the £24.94  (the £14.44 stake plus £10.50 winnings) and put it on an evens chance. More risky I know, but there’s always a risk. When that came in my original £10 was up to £49.88.   Not enough for a new car I know but enough to show me that I was on to something.

Since that first rolling accumulator I’ve been a firm believer in the slow but steady approach to betting. While friends have continued to win the occasional ‘big acca’ (and I’ve always made sure I’m there for the free drinks), I’ve managed to out win them over longer periods of time. I even staked £500 that my rolling acca would beat the ‘normal’ football betting of five friends over a six month period. It did. I was £2500 better off, they were each down by £500 but also wiser – they also use this rolling acca now. Some rolling accas get up to £300 over a few days, others up to £1000+. It’s always good to know when to cash-out.

Now I’ve realised that there’s plenty of winnings to go around, I decided to share my rolling acca tips so more people can take pleasure in winning, winning regularly and building profit.

Simply register for free. You’ll get a password and free access to the daily rolling acca tip. I’ll even make suggestions about when you might want to think about cashing out or splitting the stake.

Ultimately though it’s up to you.

Roll it. Control it. Win it.